NFP Company Secretary

An NFP Company Secretary can help your Non-profit:

  • comply with its legal and regulatory requirements
  • ensure its statutory records and registers are being correctly maintained
  • ensure Board/ Management Committee meetings are being appropriately conducted and minuted
  • ensure good governance principles are in place and being adhered to
  • ensure Member records and relationships are being addressed
  • ensure appropriate and adequate policies are in place

NFP Management Solutions provides the services of a Company Secretary:

  • on a part-time basis
  • to fill-in or contract (eg. annual, long service or parental leave)
  • on an ongoing basis
  • advisory to current secretary, directors, management committee members or officers

Outsourcing the role of the Company Secretary enables the director/ management committee member to devote his or her time to focus on the strategic direction to achieving the Non-profits

NFP Management Solution’s Company Secretaries have specialist knowledge and
experience gained from working only with Non-profits.

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