Financial Policies Reviews

Organisations use policies to set out rules and processes within their organisation.  When policies are not implemented properly or not followed, errors and potentially fraud can occur.  A financial policies review provides advice on:

  • how to improve current policies
  • additional policies that should be implemented
  • gaps in the implementation of current policies

A detailed report is provided setting out practical recommendations on how to improve policies and policy implementation.

Controls Reviews

Once policies are appropriately in place, controls need to be established and maintained to reduce the risk of error and fraud.  A controls review takes a step by step look through the financial controls in place to determine weaknesses and gaps in the control framework.  Once these weaknesses and gaps are determined, recommendations are made on improvements that could strengthen the controls currently in place.

Fraud Prevention and Investigation

Preventing fraud is always a better alternative than needing to investigate fraud once it has occurred.  Setting up a fraud prevention framework including a Fraud Prevention Policy is a must for any organisation.  A fraud prevention framework can be tailored to suit the needs and size of any organisation.

Should fraud occur, it is important to investigate it as quickly as possible.

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