NFP Management Solutions Pty Ltd is the idea of Joanne Redburn and Lisa Bundesen.  Both Joanne and Lisa have extensive experience working with non-profits and being involved with non-profits from a board, committee and volunteer perspective.

We understand that managers, volunteers, staff, board or committee members of non-profits have limited time and resources to manage the business of their non-profit organisation.

We also understand that non-profits are of varying size, from very small to very large, and in a
diverse range of sectors, for example health services, welfare and charitable services, community services, sport and professional associations.  Non-profits also have different legal structures, including amongst others unincorporated associations (eg. community groups),
incorporated associations and companies limited by guarantee.

With this in mind we provide:
  • A series of NFP Toolkits complete with templates, polices, procedures and supporting  documentation to assist non-profits to manage the business of their non-profit organisation
  • Training and  workshops designed to inform and support board members, staff, volunteers and managers in managing and operating their non-profit
  • Consultancy services to support for nonprofits on administration, governance, risk and accountability systems

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